Q&A: Jared Odrick, Miami Dolphins

Q. Did you talk to Bill Parcells?

JARED ODRICK:  No, I didn’t, but I spoke to the GM and head coach, and you know, it was just a great phone call.  Not just that I got called to be drafted but to be a Miami Dolphin, I’m happy.

Q.  What was your first reaction?

JARED ODRICK:  You know, I wasn’t sure and I’m like, okay ‑‑ oh, I’m going to Miami.  It was shocking.  It was shocking.  I really didn’t have words at the time but it was shocking.

Q.  What do you think of Miami, first the team, and then the city?

JARED ODRICK:  You know, I think of a great opportunity to be a part of the defense and become great.  To be in a defense like that, especially with the guys

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