Q&A: Jahvid Best, Detroit Lions

Q.  What about Tyson?

JAHVID BEST:  I’m happy for him, but I almost stood up cheering when I heard his name called.  He’s a great player and so this is a good pick for him.

Q.  Did you know it was you they were coming after?

JAHVID BEST:  Actually the phone rang and the TV didn’t even say they traded a pick yet.  They were like, why is the Lions calling me when it’s not their turn and they told me they were going to trade and I got really excited.  I was so excited, I can’t even have words for this moment right now.  It’s hard to express my feelings.

Q.  How would you compare yourself to other running backs?

JAHVID BEST:  It’s hard to compare myself right now because

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