Q&A: Rob Gronkowski, New England

Q. So what was the past 21 hours like for you?  Obviously you’re invited up here; what are your feelings and how elated are you to be going to the New England Patriots?

ROB GRONKOWSKI:  I’m so relieved.  It’s such a great organization and it’s always one of the teams I wanted to go to.  It’s unbelievable just to be part of this organization.  The owner, Robert Kraft, what he’s doing for the program and the organization is unbelievable, bringing in great players, and it’s definitely going to be a fun time.

Q.  When you look back at it, obviously you had to spend a night not knowing what was going to happen ‑‑

ROB GRONKOWSKI:  Yes, it was great experience from the first day I got here.  I know I didn’t go in the first round or anything but I

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