Top 32s: Quarterbacks

The NFL Draft Bible will evaluate every position in the NFL and rank our Top 32 players at each, the list is to get a feel for who are the better players around the league based on talent. Check back periodically as we unveil the names at each position during this seventeen-part series.

1. Aaron Rogers

2.  Tom Brady

3.  Peyton Manning

4.  Ben Roethlisberger

5.  Drew Brees

6.  Eli Manning

7.  Phillip Rivers

8.  Matt Ryan

9.  Michael Vick

10. Matt Schaub

11. Joe Flacco

12. Sam Bradford

13. Josh Freeman

14. Jay Cutler

15. Tony Romo

16. Ryan Fitzpatrick

17. Kyle Orton

18. Matthew Stafford

19. Donovan McNabb

20. Mark Sanchez

21. Matt Cassell

22. David Garrard

23. Kevin Kolb

24. Matt

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