Inside The Numbers: First Round Running Backs

Dekas is a word derived from Ancient Greek and translates today in the word we recognize as decade, which is the period of ten years. That’s where this story begins over the last three decades from the 1980’s all the way up to 2011, posing the question, is it true that running backs have been losing their favor and flavor as number one picks in the annual NFL Draft?

The Heisman Trophy winner from 2009, Mark Ingram, was the only running back selected in round one of the 2011 draft, the last time that happened was the 1984 draft but remember the NFL was competing with the USFL and that three of the nation’s top running backs, including another Heisman winner Mike Rozier who would of graded out into the first round no questions asked, had he elected signed with the USFL prior to entering the NFL.

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