Scouting the Nation: Wisconsin O-Line Impresses

Not only did the Wisconsin offensive line win the battle in Kinnick Stadium, they won the war, as the Badgers upset the Iowa Hawkeyes 31-30.

We begin at the end. After an apparent three-and-out the Badgers, trailing 30-24, converted a fake punt in the fourth quarter via a 17-yard run by punter Brad Nortman to the 43-yard line. The final four plays of the game-winning drive: An eight-yard run by John Clay, three yards more from Clay, eight yards from third-string tailback Montee Ball, and again eight yards by Ball into the end zone.

On the day Wisconsin ran the ball 38 times for 142 yards. Sure, they only averaged 3.7 yards per carry, which is 1.5 yards below the 5.2 they average on the season. But it’s also better than the 3.0 yards per carry Iowa is allowing. Coming into the contest the Hawkeyes

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