Inside The Numbers: New Orleans Saints

“Who dat?” That’s the burning question on my mind. Who dat impersonating the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints? Shaking off the rust of the off-season, getting acquainted to the rhythm of the game again and the meaningless pre-season games where the starters mainly sit. Because of those factors, it wasn’t a total shock when the Vikings and Saints fell short of lighting up the scoreboard with their season-opening game, a 14-9 win for the Saints.

Over the last 47 days since the Saints kicked off the season against the Vikings, Head Coach Sean Payton has had plenty of time to right the wrongs…to fix this tailor-made offense built to smother opponents with an avalanche of points. Payton hasn’t found that magic in the bottle as of yet and after seven games the team is a fry cry from the success it had last season. Who

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