Robert Marve Sits In Cradle of Quarterbacks

Purdue quarterback Robert Marve finally is out of the spotlight. And he likes it that way. Marve, a former starter at Miami, has settled into a quiet existence in West Lafayette, Ind., forging what appears to be a perfect marriage between a wayward player and a teetering program. It’s simple: Marve and Purdue need each other. “The first thing I want to say, like I always want to say is, I just thank God for being out here,” said Marve, one of the highest-profile transfers in the nation this season. “You go through so many things and adversities in life that it’s a great feeling when you can go out onto the field and play. I just want to thank God for my situation.” This is a second chance for Marve — a last chance, really. He has two years to get it right, two years to show that all

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