Baylor Set To Ride The Robert Griffin Train

Clearly, Robert Griffin III’s confidence wasn’t torn along with his ACL. The Baylor quarterback, who already could have been mistaken for Edwin Moses in pads, thinks he may actually be faster after surgery to repair the knee injury that ended his 2009 season, and Baylor’s by extension. “I know nobody expects that,” Griffin told, “and that’s good.” Griffin will be wearing a brace when he retakes the field. The contraption is a precautionary measure, but it should serve as a reminder of just how fragile Baylor’s hopes are. Wide-open field or not, Baylor’s bowl dreams depend on its QB. But Griffin isn’t going to let that reality, or past misfortunes, change his game, his mentality or his team’s focus on securing a bowl bid. “You’ve got to just seize the moment,” Griffin said. “Anything can happen, and we’re looking to make those things happen for us.” —
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