Pro Day: Jake Locker Offers Risk/Reward | UW

Quarterback Jake Locker took stage front and center for 20 NFL teams Wednesday at the University of Washington pro day workout. The two-sport athlete threw about 40 passes, with just two over-thrown deep balls, according to various sources. Surprisingly, Locker did not attempt any snaps from under center, according to FOX Sports.

The entire Seahawks coaching staff was in attendance, as was Chris Palmer the new offensive coordinator for the Titans, whom Locker will workout for on Thursday. That will be followed by a workout for the Broncos on Friday– Locker conducted a workout for the Vikings earlier this month.

Most NFL Draft prognosticators remain convinced that Locker will still land in the first round but there is a growing sentiment around league circles that his best sport may ultimately be baseball, especially if there is a lengthened lockout and he doesn’t get to participate in

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