Preseason Hype Follows Jerrod Johnson

Texas Tech quarterback Jerrod Johnson recently conducted an interview in which he addressed his recent shoulder rehab, preseason Heisman hype and more…

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On his surgically-repaired shoulder that forced him to miss much of spring practice:

“I’m 100-percent now. I mean, it was just a scope. It wasn’t a major surgery; I didn’t tear anything. It was kind of precautionary to just go in and catch it before it potentially gets worse. I’m back to 100 percent now.”

On his improvements from 2008 to 2009:

“I worked on footwork and quickening my release, and just understanding the offense. I think I probably increased 50 or 60-percent better than I did the year before in terms of understanding exactly what we want to do with our offense, and getting the way we play to where I want the game to go. Coach

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