Jerrell Powe Works To Improve Pass-Rush

From NEMS Daily Journal:

It’s ironic that Ole Miss defensive lineman Jerrell Powe is receiving All-America attention but wasn’t even an every-down player last year. He’s been a dominant run-stopper, tying up blockers and swallowing running backs. His 12 tackles for loss attest to that. But among those stops behind the line are only three sacks, and Powe was usually off the field on obvious passing downs.

“There were stunts and things we did where we did not ask him to be involved much. We felt we had guys who were more effective rushing the passer, and Jerrell would be out of the game,” Nix said. “If he becomes a dominant player in the passing game the way he is against the run, there will be no stopping Jerrell.”

Indications are that Powe is heading that way. He showed more consistency from play to play

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