Pat Angerer Unleashing His Fury in Indy

Middle linebacker Pat Angerer showed once again that he has the chops to be a standout defender at the pro level in Indy’s 59-24 loss to Green Bay. Not only did the rookie once again lead his team in tackles with eight, but the intense competitor consistently fought his way through the trash at the line of scrimmage and found the ball carrier on running plays. He plays as if his hair’s on fire and quickly closes in on his opponents. He is prone to jumping a little too quickly at times on play-action and misdirection plays, but he also guesses right more often than not, exhibiting exceptional instincts. While he’ll probably be backing up Gary Brackett this season, the 6-0 Angerer will likely see some action in nickel packages and special teams. Down the road, he will be a starter and seems to be good fit

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