One on One With Rams QB Sam Bradford

It’s not uncommon for NFL teams to use the number one overall draft pick on a quarterback. After all, it’s a quarterback-driven league. Since 1998, when the Indianapolis Colts selected Peyton Manning, ten of the last twelve number one overall picks have been quarterbacks.

The time that Manning devotes to his craft is the stuff of legends; aspiring quarterbacks at any level could improve ten fold if they worked as hard as number 18 does. Manning did inherit Marshall Faulk, who turned into Edgerrin James after Faulk was traded. Having another future Hall of Fame receiver Marvin Harrison didn’t hurt Manning’s progress but perhaps the most important aspect of Manning’s rise to the top was his bond with longtime offensive coordinator and assistant coach Tom Moore, who spent 12 seasons with the four-time MVP. The bond these two shared may never get the credit it so richly

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