NFL: Ranking The Offensive Coordinators 2010

By Ralph Mancini and Bryan Palmese

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1.    Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals offense reminds many of the “Greatest Show on Turf” from a decade ago. That is the handiwork of Ken Whisenhunt, whose imaginative play-calling make Arizona one of the deadliest offenses in the league. However, the former tight end may have to tone down his imaginative play calling this season without Kurt Warmer under center.

2.    Charlie Weis, Kansas City Chiefs: Charlie Weis’ last NFL job was creating and guiding the Patriots offense to a couple of Super Bowls. During his years at Notre Dame, his pro-style offense was pretty formidable; it was the rest of the team that couldn’t keep up. Weis’ second tour in the NFL will be with a young

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