NFL: Ranking The Defensive Coordinators 2010

By Ralph Mancini and Brian Palmese

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1.    Dick LeBeau, Pittsburgh Steelers: LeBeau is a nightmare for opposing offenses. His teams have been quick, agile, athletic and stout over his tenure in Pittsburgh. After yet another set of top-five finishes in most defensive categories, he is truly the top defensive mind in the game today.

2.    Dom Capers, Green Bay Packers: Capers has been an amazing defensive coordinator in his stops throughout the league, and he transformed the Packers defense into the 2nd ranked unit in 2009. His 3-4 look creates lots of pressure on the quarterback and his physical defensive backs don’t allow much room for the receivers to make plays.

3.    Gregg Williams, New Orleans Saints: The 2008 version of

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