Name You Need To Know | UConn LB Scott Lutrus

Football coaches are extremely reluctant to give a player the freedom to freelance from the textbook assignments and lanes, but it was during Scott Lutrus’ first year on the field (after sitting out his freshman year as a redshirt) that UConn coach Randy Edsall began to appreciate things about Lutrus he couldn’t know when recruiting him out of Brookfield High. Lutrus was more known as a running back in high school (with over 2,000 yards rushing as a senior), but didn’t project as an NFL-type player in the backfield. He is an NFL-type player at linebacker, a powerfully built 6-foot-3, 243 pounds, and one NFL scout projects him before the season as a third- to fifth-round guy, with better quickness than pure speed and instincts off the chart. “It’s nice to have a kid like that because he might not always have to do everything by the

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