DE Dontay Moch Runs The Fastest 40-Time Ever!

They were the ones who timed the run. They were the ones who saw it happen right in front of their faces. But they didn’t believe it. Nevada’s Dontay Moch had just run a 4.18-second 40-yard dash. That time would be among the fastest ever recorded. In disbelief, they made him run again. He clocked a 4.08 in his second try. That time is almost inhuman. So, they made him run again. On his third and final try, he covered the 40 yards in 4.2 seconds. Maybe he was a little tired, but even that time is run by only the most nimble wide receivers and cornerbacks. Imagine a 6-foot-1, 245-pound defensive end like Moch running it. Unthinkable. “He has freakish talent,” Wolf Pack defensive coordinator Andy Buh said. “Freakish talent. That would be my two words for Dontay Moch. When he puts his mind to it,

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