Insider: Dustin Keller vs JerMichael Finley

On the outside looking in it would make a lot of sense to think that JerMichael Finley the Green Bay tight end and fantasy football darling for 2010 would be overwhelming favorite over the New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller and their smash mouth type style of offense compared the high powered passing attack of Green Bay.

Not so fast on Finley becoming the star tight end of 2010 a point needs to be made about Dustin Keller what the season holds for this former first round pick out of Purdue in 2008.

The overwhelming choice Finley was chosen by media outlets to be the star of 2010 from the tight end position and with what we know it would be hard to argue but once you find out what you don’t know there might be a change of heart.


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