Dance Machine Dixon Off to Slow Start

San Francisco 49ers running backs coach Tom Rathman has told RB Anthony Dixon to run like the 235-pound back he is instead of dancing so much behind the line, reports

Mancini’s Take: This is clearly a wake-up call for the box-shaped bruiser, who is hopefully beginning to realize how much more difficult it is to dodge the first man and break to the outside in the NFL. Dixon doesn’t change directions well and won’t outrun many people. The Niners drafted him to slam it in between the tackles to convert short yardage and goal-line opportunities. One of the keys of being successful in those situations is to run low. Dixon must further prove that he’s willing to work a lot harder than he did at Mississippi State. The man he’s competing against for the backup running back position, Glen Coffee, knows what he’s capable of and keeps it simple

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