Week 5 Expeditious NFL News & Notes

Expeditious NFL News & Notes is put together to provide a wide range of number oriented morsels for those who crave the delicacy and nerdy-ness of NFL statistics, news, notes and just about anything that can be put to the mix. If you’re not quoting one note each week, I’m not doing my job.


New England Patriots – Wes Welker is averaging 148 receiving yards per game after five weeks.  Only two other receivers in the history of the National Football League have averaged 120 or above when the season concluded: Wes Chandler averaged 129.0 in 1982 and Charley Hennigan 124.7 back in 1961.

Miami Dolphins – In quarterback Matt Moore’s last seven games he has thrown 11 interceptions which begs the questions – How short

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