Week 4 Expeditious NFL News & Notes

Expeditious NFL News & Notes is put together to provide a wide range of number oriented morsels especially suited to those who crave the delicacy and nerdy-ness of NFL statistics, news, notes and just about anything that can be put to the mix. If you’re not quoting one note each week, I’m not doing my job.


New England Patriots – Since 2009 the Patriots are 15-0 when having 30 or more rushing attempts per game, which means they are 12-9 overall in games where they failed to reach 30 attempts. Why did I bring this up? After every loss since 2009 in which the Patriots went on to win the next game they have stayed grounded, carrying the ball 30 or more times in five of six of those games resulting in a 6-0 record. In week three they lost to

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