BYU won a hard fought battle versus the Huskies, 23-17, thanks to timely plays and their refusal to allow Jake Locker to win the game with his legs. Outside of a second quarter touchdown run, Locker was kept in check. Here are some players who came through with outstanding performances, as well as those who fell short of expectations.

Putting the lockdown on Locker

Seven new starters on defense didn’t prevent BYU from stifling Locker’s exploits on the ground. For the night, the dual-threat quarterback was held to 29 yards on 11 carries.

On one running play at the start of the second quarter, Locker desperately tried to run out of his own end zone but despite a timely backside block by tight end Chris Izbicki, was stopped for no gain.

Late in the fourth quarter, it seemed as if Locker could find some daylight on a designed third-down

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