USC Stripped Of Grantland Rice Trophy

USC’s 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy, awarded to the Trojans for their national football title, will be revoked and the team barred from consideration for the award following the 2010 college football season. In addition, the Football Writers Association of America declined to name a replacement for USC’s vacated spot.

USC will remain in the Grantland Rice Trophy 2010 preseason rankings to be released in the next few days, it has been determined.

These were the conclusions of a majority vote of the Resolutions Committee comprising current and former FWAA officers formed to review issues presented by USC’s recent NCAA football scandal.

There has never been a prior revocation of a major national collegiate football championship prior to this year. Citing the June 10, 2010, NCAA Infractions Report, Tim Griffin, 2010 FWAA President, stated as follows in his letter notifying USC of the FWAA’s decisions: “Had

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