Michigan’s 30-10 drubbing of UConn will be forever remembered as quarterback Denard Robinson’s coming-out party, but a big reason why “Shoelace” was able to run circles around an ill-equipped Connecticut defense was the tremendous push he received all game long from the interior of his offensive line. Here are a few players who sparkled, as well as some that didn’t exactly put their best foot forward.

“Shoelace” ties up the opposition

Robinson was electric in Michigan’s opening game, as he accelerated past the opposition to the tune of 197 rushing yards, including a 32-yard touchdown scamper at the end of the first quarter.

His speed and agility were undoubtedly breathtaking, but he should thank his big uglies up front for giving him enough room to accelerate upfield against a woefully undersized defensive line.

The Florida native was also able to flash his arm strength in the second half with the bullet

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