Top Teams Discuss Suh vs McCoy Debate

What They Are Saying:

“They were asked to do different things,” said Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, adding that Suh would have been successful with Oklahoma’s attacking style and McCoy would have prospered in Nebraska’s two-gap defense. “You look for different characteristics, and I think both of those guys fit what we’re looking for, and I think both of them would do well in what we would ask them to do.”

“You’re talking about two dynamic guys and two guys who bring dynamic aspects to the game,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris said. “You’re talking about two guys who are slightly different but are both dominant. They were asked to do two different things. (McCoy) might have the (run-stopping) power that Suh has, but he’s just not asked to do it.”

“I think you can justify any position almost any position if you feel like

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