Thursday Night Preview: Steelers vs. Eagles

Thursday’s match-up in Pittsburgh marks the second pre-season game for the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers, and both starting units will certainly want to impress in this intrastate contest. This isn’t Montana we are talking about; it’s Pennsylvania, a state that prides itself on its rich football history. Heck, George Blanda is from Youngwood, Pennsylvania. Who’s more football than George Blanda?

One of my favorite movie characters is Marcellus Wallace, from Pulp Fiction, and one of my favorite lines in the movie is Wallace’s, “F*&% pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps.” Pride runs deep in the players who suit up in the National Football League. These men are driven to be the best, so when one team is labeled a Dream Team before the season begins, you’d better believe pride becomes a factor, for both teams.

“Obviously the best Olympic team we

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