The Tim Tebow Era Begins in Cincinnati

Mancini’s take on Tim Tebow’s preseason performance in Denver’s preseason loss to the Cincinnati Bengals: Tebow’s debut as an NFL quarterback was altogether a positive one, as he displayed good mobility in the pocket and the strength to make throws with defenders trying to pull him down. On one of those plays, he rifled a sideline throw to Bruce Hall with his former college teammate Carlos Dunlap breathing down his neck. In the closing stages of the fourth quarter, the pious triggerman threw an impressive looking tight spiral on the move to Matt Willis. He later had a touchdown pass dropped by Marquez Branson and later ran in for a meaningless score with no time left on the clock. To be fair, though, Tebow also rushed a couple of his throws during the game and almost got intercepted both times. In addition, he showed poor awareness on

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