The Rosstradamus: Week 8 Ramble

What a strange week of football it was. Perhaps it was Halloween. Two high-powered offenses played 60 minutes without scoring a touchdown…there was another lay-down job by this season’s most disappointing team…we saw a near-tie…quarterbacks knocked out of games and benched…a Hall of Famer released…and a game in (gasp) England!

Let’s start with the New York Jets, just to get it out of the way. They were shutout at home by the banged-up Green Bay Packers 9-0 and saw their five-game winning streak come to an ugly end. Three turnovers, awful choices to challenge refereeing decisions, Mark Sanchez’ game-long inaccuracy, and key drops by wide receivers were the razor blades in the Big Apple offense on Sunday. I fully expected the Jets’ defense to put the shackles on Aaron Rodgers, which is why I thought the New Yorkers would steamroll Green Bay. After all, the Jets were

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