The Rosstradamus: Week 3 Ramble

Three games in the books and things are beginning to take shape around the league. It isn’t time to claim that every team is, to borrow a line, what their record says they are, but we’re getting to that point.

Thud….That was the sound of the Giants’ start to the season as they fell…or rather, collapsed to 1-2 after a hard-to-believe-it-was-that-bad-again 29-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Ridiculous penalties, bonehead plays, ill-timed turnovers, and a total lack of team focus combined for a 19-point loss in a game the home team no doubt could have won easily. They outgained Tennessee by 200 yards, consistently stopped Chris Johnson, and passed the ball all over the field. However, when you turn the ball over three times without forcing any from the other team, it’s an equalizer. And when you commit senseless penalties—not the Ahmad Bradshaw

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