The Rosstradamus: Week 10 Ramble

Week 10 is in the books, and what a bizarre read it was. We saw the Bills get their first win and Brett Favre play in what will most likely be his last important game. Atlanta did the NFC proud, defending their home turf against one of the AFC’s best. In a battle to remain relevant in the AFC South, Jacksonville has a prayer answered against Houston. Tennessee KO’ed a pair of Chads, but were done in by a Tyler in Miami. Tampa took a step toward proving their worthiness, while Kansas City took two steps back and the incredible Michael Vick set records as the Eagles destroyed the Redskins. One New York team won for the second consecutive week…on the road…against inferior competition…in overtime. The other New York team, well…they took the week off.

*Note: There will be no “lights out” puns in this write-up.
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