The Redskins Considering Terrelle Pryor?

According to several website reports, the Washington Redskins will possibly show interest in Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor if he enters the 2011 NFL supplemental draft.

Mancini’s Take: Really? I hope they don’t invest anything more than next year’s seventh-round pick to secure his services…and even that may be too much. Truth be told, I don’t see Pryor as a quarterback at the next level since he’s much better runner than passer. As mentioned in a previous post, the 6’6” triggerman does not show the consistency to throw the ball accurately downfield nor does he have the ability to read defenders in both man-to-man and zone coverage. If you’ve watched his games, you’ve seen him fail to detect linemen dropping back into coverage and he lacks the touch to fit the ball into tight spots on a regular basis. When you combine all

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