Supplemental Draft Report: Harvey Unga

Both BYU’s running back Harvey Unga and Truman State running back Vanness Emokpae have sent in their paperwork to be included in the NFL Supplemental Draft on July 15. Unga is BYU’s career rushing leader with 3,455 yards, he was suspended from the team thought about transferring to another school, but decided to make himself eligible for the supplemental draft. He most likely will get selected with a sixth or seventh round pick from a team looking for a big physical running back. Emokpae is not expected to be taken and will be a free-agent. He will probably get a look-see from somebody.

Unga will most likely have a workout for NFL teams because they will need to see how fast he really is because that is one of the biggest concerns for NFL teams his speed. He is a physical running and is a good receiver out

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