St. Louis Rams Sale In Limbo | Draft Impact

Rams sale suddenly in limbo … Don’t know what it means for the #1 pick at the 2010 draft, but the ownership situation of St. Louis, which holds the top pick this year, was thrown into a state of confusion when minority owner Stan Kroenke opted to exercise his right match the 60% share of the team that current owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez agreed to sell to Shahid Khan has entered into a sales agreement with Rosenbloom and Rodriquez to buy. Kroenke already owns 40% so if he’s successful he will own 100% of the club. However, NFL ownership rules currently prevent a majority owner to own another major-league team in another market and Kroenke currently owns teams in both the NBA (Denver) and the NHL (Colorado). What does tend to happen though when there is an ownership issue, and its hard not to see this one ending

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