Scout’s Notebook: TX vs Nation (Pt.I)

TEXAS V. NATION: Winners/Losers Pt. I

The fifth annual NFL PA Texas vs. the Nation game didn’t exactly feature a who’s who of NFL prospects, but it did showcase a collection of talented athletes both at the skill positions and in the trenches who could be difference makers at the next level.


Taylor Potts (QB-TX. Tech): The former Red Raider was the best among a rather unimpressive lot of quarterbacks. Potts got the party started early by applying good touch on a 28-yard touchdown pass to Denarius Moore. The 6’4” signal caller led his receiver by putting enough air under the throw to allow Moore to run underneath the football before hauling it in.

Potts also demonstrated the ability to step away from pressure and make off-balanced throws, such as his short delivery to tight end

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