Scout’s Notebook: Miami @ Ohio St

Miami Ohio State Player Reviews

Four Jacory Harris interceptions, miscues galore and penalties killed Miami’s hopes of getting revenge for their 2002 Fiesta Bowl loss to Ohio State. Meanwhile, Terrelle Pryor had an outstanding game and the Buckeyes capitalized on every Miami turnover to negate the two special teams touchdowns by the Hurricanes. Here’s a look at some highlights and lowlights put forth by the eye-catching players in this contest.

It is no secret that Terrelle Pryor can run the ball, yet defenses seem to be unable to stop him even though they know his runs are coming.  On the fourth play of the game, Pryor took off running and gained 12 yards before being touched. Pryor was fearless while running with the ball, but he needs to be more careful with the ball and shy away from contact from time to time

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