Rosstradamus’ Week 12 Ramble

We’ve passed Thanksgiving and that means it’s time to get serious in the NFL. Terms like, “If the playoffs started today…” begin to take on actual meaning. Division races start to heat up. Contenders realize they have a shot at winning the big prize, also-rans understand that they’re auditioning for future employment, and certain coaches post real estate ads and work on their resumes. In the AFC, we pretty much know who’s going to make the playoffs. Listen, I know anything can happen, but barring something ridiculous the wild cards will come from the East and North. The only spot up for grabs is in the West, where the Chargers and Chiefs will fight for the division crown. The final five games will impact seeding, which is fun for the fans but won’t mean that much to the actual games since a certain dome team isn’t going to have home-field

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