Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 6

Giants’ D Seals Victory

The Giants rescued a victory from the jaws of defeat on Sunday. Defensively, they overcame two big plays by the Buffalo offense and got a perfectly-timed interception from Corey Webster with four minutes remaining to spark the win. Offensively, Ahmad Bradshaw scored three times and the running game showed signs of life. More importantly, Eli Manning played turnover-free football in the 27-24 win at MetLife Stadium.

The game started in typical Giants fashion—a predictable one-yard run and a 10-yard penalty on the home team. At some point it would be nice for Tom Coughlin’s crew to play a game without committing these types of infractions. After the teams exchanged punts, Eli Manning (21-32 for 292 yards) ripped off big chunks of yardage through the air: 17 yards to Bradshaw, 16 yards to Mario Manningham, and 24 yards to Jake Ballard. The pass

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