On Location: Steelers Frustrated In Win

With less than two weeks before Halloween candy is handed out, there was some Tricking-or-Treating going on at Heinz Field—just what do we make of the 2011 Pittsburgh Steelers after six weeks of football? For instance, this season the proud run defense has already allowed a pair of 100-yard rushers in six games. That’s like Halley’s Comet being seen twice in one week—it cannot happen. It does not happen. So when the Steelers convincingly beat the Tennessee Titans last week (3-2) and held the struggling Pro Bowl running back Chris Johnson to 51 yards, the arrow seemed to be pointing in the right direction. The 38-17 win fueled expectations of another runaway effort against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Or, on the other hand, questions remained about how the offensive and defensive lines would gel with the rash of injuries they’ve suffered.  Injuries got so bad that the Steelers resigned

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