Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 5

A Giant Flop

The Giants put forth another mediocre performance against Seattle. However, unlike last week against Arizona, they couldn’t overcome that mediocrity despite playing a sub par team at home. The Seahawks deserved to win that game. The Giants deserved to lose that game. Eli Manning threw for 420 yards and three touchdowns in the loss. He also threw three interceptions and fumbled once. You don’t win a lot of games when your quarterback turns it over four times. Before you start forgiving Manning because a couple of those interceptions were tipped or simply “not his fault,” let me stop you. Until such a time as we’re willing to take away praise for bad throws that are turned into touchdowns—like the Victor Cruz catch that was thrown into triple coverage, or the juggling act Cruz pulled off yesterday—we cannot remove the blame for these tipped passes

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