Rookie Review: St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams: Team Needs Rookie Review On The Clock Insider Podcast

2010 NFL Draft Class–

(1-1) Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma: He was named the Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year for his constant improvement throughout his first season in leading the Rams from a 1-15 record to a more respectable 7-9 total. Doubts about Bradford’s durability were completely put to bed, as the young triggerman took every one of his team’s snaps. He was far more than a caretaker at quarterback despite the lack of firepower at wide receiver. Grade: A

(2-33) Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana: Surprised his coaching staff by claiming the left tackle spot. Saffold proved to be a tremendous pass protector with great feet, balance and the ability to recover from mistakes. Grade: A

(3-65) Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida: Combined impressive plays versus the run

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