Rookie Review: New York Jets

2010 NFL Draft Class–

(1-29) Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State: The highly touted college cornerback struggled mightily on the outside early on. Not only was he moved inside but Wilson was eventually benched in favor of Drew Coleman as the slot man. The developing defensive back has shown a tendency of focusing too heavily on his man in coverage and losing track of the ball. The Jets hope his instincts begin taking over as he begins feeling more comfortable out there. Grade: D-

(2-61) Vladimir Ducasse, OG/OT, Massachusetts: The technically raw rookie wasn’t ready for prime time in 2010. Ducasse was generally tentative and missed several blocks in the preseason, leading him to lose his left guard position to Matt Slauson. The Haitian wonder enters the upcoming season with a lot to prove. Grade: D

(4-112) Joe McKnight, RB, USC: He showed up out of shape and

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