Rookie Review: Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals: Team Needs Rookie Review On The Clock Insider Podcast

2010 NFL Draft Class–

(1-21) Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma: Gresham was as good as advertised by putting up 471 yards and four touchdowns but he was underutilized. The Bengals primarily used him as a safety valve on underneath routes. Look for the young tight end to stretch the field a bit more next year, as Cincinnati will look to rid itself of diva-like veterans at wide receiver. Grade: B+

(2-54) Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida: The light came on for the former Gator midway through the season, as he registered each of his 9.5 sacks in his last eight games in a part-time role. The sack master’s long reach and elite closing speed made him a nightmare for offensive lines. Going forward, Dunlap will be expected to be a better run defender

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