Rookie Review: Atlanta Falcons

Atlanata Falcons: Team Needs Rookie Review On The Clock Insider Podcast

NFL Draft Class 2010

(1-19) Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri: The trash talking hit-and-run linebacker brought new energy to the defense and turned heads with his ability to play multiple positions. ‘Spoon did make his share of rookie miscues, such as getting caught out of position in pass coverage. He was also hampered by a knee injury for part of the season. The Missouri product’s speed and aggressiveness should be an asset for years to come. Grade: C+

(3-83) Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky: He started 14 games and was by far the biggest difference maker among Atlanta’s rookies. The Pittsburgh native held the point versus the run and gave blockers fits with his quick hand movement. Peters also played hard every down but wasn’t much of a pass-rusher. Outside of his standard bull

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