Roger Goodell Talks CBA At Super Bowl

Standing at the podium while addressing the media, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell stated, “At least until next year, this was the most watched season in the history of the NFL.” That may be wishful thinking on his part, as most of the close to 49 minutes of taking questions from the media revolved around the Collective Bargaining Agreement that expires on March 4th. In a time where the economy is struggling the NFL seems to be making money hand over fist, leaving the question are both sides going to kill the ‘Golden Goose’ or will they manage to avoid a work stoppage, something which the NFL hasn’t seen since league owners put replacements players on the field for $1,000 per game back in 1987.

“I do. I do believe that DeMaurice Smith (NFLPA President) understands that after March 4th, it becomes more difficult to reach an agreement,”

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