Ric Serritella 2011 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Now that the NFL Draft process is two-thirds complete we can begin to get a solid feel for where players might go.

1. Carolina (2-14): QB Blaine Gabbert – It’s a copy cat league. New defensive minded head coach Ron Rivera realizes he needs a franchise quarterback to win (see ATL; STL).

2. Denver (4-12): DE Da’Quan Bowers – Seems to have become a forgotten man since knee injury held him out of combine. After he lights up pro day, teams will remember.

3. Buffalo (4-12): OLB Von Miller – The Bills sorely need a playmaker on defense—the wounds from Aaron Maybin still have scabs on them but Miller time is too talented.

4. Cincinnati (4-12): DT Nick Fairley – While Fairley isn’t expected to be a sack-master at the next level, he can be a disruptive force. Bengals defense produced just 27 sacks

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