Reaction to Potential Spiller Holdout

Buffalo’s first-round pick C.J. Spiller is reportedly threatening to hold out until he gets a suitable contract. The numbers he’s looking for have yet to be disclosed. But the versatile back has let it be known that he’s ready to do whatever it takes until he gets his just due. Said Spiller: “”I let my agent handle all of that. We’re not going to rush. We’re going to make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s, however long the process takes. I just have to be patient.”

Mancini’s Take: While the Bills are well stocked at the running back position with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson on the roster, Spiller is the one with the leverage in this potential standoff. Lynch and Jackson, in all likelihood, won’t be enough to turn Buffalo’s offense into a prolific attack, considering the holes the team has along the offensive line and

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