Q&A: Matt Murphy, OT, UNLV

Recently, I had a conversation with one of the most underrated players available in the 2011 NFL Draft, UNLV standout tackle, Matt Murphy.   Talking to Matt was certainly enjoyable and made me think of great Teddy Roosevelt “speak softly and carry a big stick” as Matt battles some of the biggest guys on the field but has always showed himself off the field as a gentlemen and scholar.

What is your official height and weight?

I am 6-4 and 308 lbs.

You have started 45 straight games at LT and have played in every game since stepping foot on campus.  What is the biggest reason for your durability?

I’ve played football my whole life and feel honestly I’m built for it.  I train properly during the off-season and make sure I’m in proper shape for the season.

What is your view

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