Q&A: Marcus Easley, UCONN

What are your official height, weight & recent forty time?

6’3, 210, 4.39 un-official/official 4.46

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?

My size and speed.  I think I possess a special combo that not many other receivers possess.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?

Tightening up my route running.  Cutting out of my breaks without losing any speed.

Who is the toughest opponent/teammate you have faced, how did you fare?

As far as teammates, I would say the late Jasper Howard and Robert McClain.   Toughest opponent was Devin McCourty from Rutgers.

Which coach has had the biggest impact on your playing career up to this point?

Two men come to mind, first and foremost Head Coach Randy Edsall.  He has helped me mature and taught me how to become

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