Q&A: Kyle Harrington, UMass

What are your official height, weight and recent 40 time?

6’3 ¾”, 292 pounds, 4.86 with the wind and a 4.94 against the wind, all at the UMASS pro day.

What do you consider to be your biggest strength?

My biggest strengths are my intelligence, strength, and ability to move laterally at my weight.

What part of your game have you worked on improving?

I have put the most effort into improving my flexibility. I stretch as much as I can because I know it will only make me a better football player.

Where have you been training, and how often do you workout to stay in shape?

I’m currently working out at Mike Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning facility in Winchester, Mass. I workout four days a week and take Wednesdays and weekends off.

Who is the

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